We have worked hard to create a brand that is sustainable at heart. We don't want to be just another jewellery brand adding to consumerism and supporting mainstream mining practices. We have looked carefully at every aspect of our business, and made the necessary changes where we could. Transparency is incredibly important to us, and if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to send them to info@maxinenoosa[dot]com[dot]au.

Starting at the core of Maxine Noosa Jewellery - the metal we use - we have started to move all production over to a new supplier based in Victoria that only works with recycled Silver and Gold. No new metals are mined to make these pieces. They use industry scraps and lemmel (dust and offcuts from jeweller's benches) and their silver and gold is all recycled locally in Melbourne. Using Recycled metal only helps to promote a cleaner, green and safer environment by reducing the need for commercial mining and dangerous emissions. 

In our actual studio we have taken steps to implement sustainable production practices in every aspect - including waste management and filtration systems. We make sure to partner with suppliers in the industry that have values aligned to ours. 

Chain and findings (earring parts and clasps) is one industry that has not yet joined the recycled metal arena, but we are looking out every day for that one manufacturer that will make sustainability their focus - there are a lot of jewellers in the industry that will support such a practice. 

Our packaging is either 100% recyclable or biodegradable. Our mailing sachets are home compostable. Our shipping suppliers have both worked hard to offset their carbon footprint using initiatives related in the local market. Whenever we travel for business we make sure to carbon offset our flights.

We have always been passionate that Maxine Noosa will be for Conservation. So it is with great pride that we now proudly support the work of the Australian Koala Foundation (More information about the AKF here.). A donation is made with the sale of every piece from the Noosa Koala Collection. We are applying to other conservation foundations to link special collections, in order to maximise our impact on conserving the environment for our children's generation.