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Maxine Noosa

Silver Hawksbill Sea Turtle Necklace

Silver Hawksbill Sea Turtle Necklace

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Introducing our stunning new Silver Hawksbill Sea Turtle Pendant, - this adorable homage to one of the smaller sea turtle species sometimes found on the Sunshine Coast, but mostly in tropical waters on the corals around the Great Barrier Reef. Crafted in 100% recycled sterling silver with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant is a symbol of the beauty and grace of these endangered creatures.

Featuring a meticulously sculpted hawksbill sea turtle, its delicate silver shell elegantly etched with intricate patterns reminiscent of the turtle's natural markings. The craftsmanship brings to life the enchanting presence of these remarkable creatures. This pendant was crafted to serve as a gentle reminder of the importance of protecting these beloved turtles and their fragile habitats. The hawksbill sea turtle, with its distinctive curved beak and vibrant colours, is a critically endangered species, and by wearing this pendant, you could to raise awareness to their plight.

Hawksbill sea turtles are an essential part of the Reef eco system, as they feed primarily on sea sponges, thus keeping this population under control.


    100% Recycled Sterling Silver


    The pendant measures 14.5mm x 12mm x 3.6mm. The chain is 42cm long.

    Care information

    We recommend you take your jewellery off when you are bathing, showering, cooking, cleaning, gardening, exercising and swimming. Lifting heavy objects (such as when gardening and exercising) can cause the rings to change shape.

    Please do not spray perfume directly onto necklaces or chains. Sterling Silver naturally oxidises and tarnishes over time. You can either send your pieces in for a polish and a clean, or wipe it with a green dish sponge to get that nice matt silver look again.

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